June 13, 2012

A Tangled Birthday Party

Recently, I had a client ask me to help her with a Rapunzel/Tangled party for her daughter's 4th birthday party. Many elements that I incorporated into this party were DIY craft projects since I tend not to like many of the tangled items sold in stores. On the day of the party, after everything was set up, I went to take pictures and my camera was missing the memory card. I was so disappointed! Luckily, I did have an iPhone handy, but I really wish I had better quality pictures of this event.

The favors were watercolors (since Rapunzel likes to paint) and a activity book tied together with ribbon and a favor tag. Laila at Two Tiny Loves designed these adorable favor tags. She has a beautiful collection of printables for a Tangled party that you can find in her etsy shop.

I created these lanterns using a tutorial I found online. 

The water bottle labels are also from Two Tiny Loves.

I created this wall (with the help of my very patient husband) to use at a backdrop for the favor table. My inspiration was Rapunzel's tower and all the flowers that surrounded the tower. I also added some grass mats and fresh flowers.

I printed this banner from Paging Supermom and strung it together with pink and yellow ribbon. I love this wanted poster much like the one in the movie. I made this yarn chandelier from a tutorial. However, I can't take credited for the idea - Laila used these in her tangled party. If you decide to make yarn balls be prepared.....they are very messy!

The braid was another DIY project. It takes a few people and a whole bunch of yarn, but it's fairly easy to make.

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